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tv   ABC 7 Morning News at 430AM  ABC  November 22, 2010 4:30am-5:00am PST

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check out this pretty picture of the embarcadero center. we'll take about how we may light up again with showers today and toppled. >> here is another beautiful view of the embarcadero. you can see it lit up behind the bay bridge. there is an accident in vallejo around you need chains in tahoe this morning. >> also in the news, another violent night, one person is dead and three others wounded by gunfire. victims drove themselves to the hospital in separate vehicles. >> tsa suggests changes may be in the works in the airport screening procedures. they are advising passengers to
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deal with it. >> and test results reveal dangerous levels of toxic metals in drinking glasses. it's a holiday week. we made it. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> did you meet something this morning, scattered showers. >> we had a meeting of the minds very brief conversation and we both moved on. >> but they do make the roads slick this morning and let's get the latest? >> good morning to you. still tracking a few scattered showers down along the peninsula coast and also about to move in to sonoma and napa county. this one is moving over half moon bay and move into the santa cruz mountains in the next half-hour. next batch moving through mendocino county so anywhere on 101 and sonoma county, expect wet weather.
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couple hundreds of an inch but it could make things slick for the commute. >> good morning, there is an accident in vallejo and on the north on-ramp to westbound 780. not blocking in lanes but 780 approaching violence there is slow down. check out drive to tahoe, you will need chains right now on i-80 and highway 50 and also parts of highway 88 closed after kirkwood, keep that in mind. in the news this morning, one man is dead and three others are hospitalized in a shooting in east oakland last night. all three victims were shot on east 28th street near 12th avenue. they were rushed to a local hospital in private vehicles. one was dead on arrival. a second man has life-threatening injuries.
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all four victims are oakland residents. they don't have suspects or motives in the shooting as of yet. oakland continues to rank as one of most dangerous cities, it dropped down to number five. st. louis ranks as number one despite seeing a 7% drop in violent crime this year. it's based on f.b.i. crime data compared to population figures. a manhunt continues this morning for a rape suspect. police say he broke into a north bay home early saturday morning and assaulted a young girl. more on what investigators are looking for. >> reporter: there is an arrest warrant out for this man, omar sosa. they say he raped a girl in berkeley and he got in through an unlocked bedroom window. >> at this point we believe the
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victim is attempting to get to mexico. we have alerted all of our agencies down to the border. >> reporter: it happened on usually quiet on evelyn avenue. this is the only visible sign of the attack. they believe he may have somehow hurt his hand or fingers during the assault. originally they called it a stranger rape. there was just one last year but they believe the girl's family knows sosa. police are not saying what relationship it is but something may have gone on for next door until 2009. >> it was because of a very could you remember able us on victim. she has been very cooperative in assisting us and we put the pieces together with her help. >> this is the description of the vehicle that sosa may have fled the bay area in. it's a 1997 ford ranger, gray in
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color with a double cab and have a white camper shell. police believe that sosa may be headed to mexico. they do not have a license plate of the vehicle that he is believed to be driving. if anyone sees him they should call the berkeley police department. cecilia vega, "abc 7 news." your holiday traveling experience may be slower when protestors say they will get in line and refuse to cooperate at tsa security checkpoints. controversy over electronic scans and pat-downs used by agents is escalating. while most passengers say they don't have any problems with pat-downs or body scans, others find them intrusive. >> you are invading someone's privacy. >> we want to be safe on an airplane. we want our children and people that we know and love that are flying to meet us to be safe. only way to do that is to have
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the stringent measures. >> they have no plans to change procedures but the agency's chief has softened his sand. he said the agency would make screening methods as minimally invasive as possible. >> drinking glasses that have colorful logos often has toxic levels above regular standards. concern is that kids might ingest the toxins the for details on the study and specific glasses studied find a link on our website at >> oakland will begin deciding today one who will only receive
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four permits to run medical farms in the city. it's expected to go to the largest and well funded growers because each will cost $211,000 a years. city officials today will narrow a list. city council approved the plan in july making oakland the first city in the nation to license wholesale pot cultivation. >> big storm that hit the bay area over the weekend also left two feet of fresh snow in the mountains and more is expected this week. and how it looked into the high sierra where chains were required. the snow and temperatures made it tough for driving but its welcome site for skiers and resort operators looking forward to a thanksgiving holiday on the slopes. four resorts opened this weekend heavenly, borreal and squaw valley and sugar bowl is set to
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open on thanksgiving. >> mike was saying this cold front is moving in. >> here is the later, i spread out the view. it's still snowing in tahoe so it's going to be a problem and scattering of showers as this cold air moves over the relatively warmer ocean water and showers come ashore. so they are few and far between. just a light sprinkle if you see anything. rainfall amounts over the last six hours, like a hundredth to two had you been dreths but it could be a nuisance. 50 in san francisco and antioch, 51 in oakland. the rest of us in the 40s until los gatos, at 49. temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday morning, lotto before the cold front, really low is the arctic air. 47 in clearlake and rest of us in mid to upper 50s. we'll see the same type of
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temperatures down around the monterey bay. once we get passed the showers tuesday, wednesday and thursday, friday to lesser extent on saturday, we'll see warming in the afternoon but watch out thursday night and friday night for a little bit of frost. >> if you are heading up to tahoe, bring your chains. even parts of 88 are closed up to kirkwood but here in the bay area, we've got a quiet start this monday morning, traffic will be lighter than normal for the holiday week. as make your way southbound on 680. it's looking good towards highway 24. sprinkles toward the equal did he cot and santa clara bridge, flowing in both directions well. you can see the reflection of the headlights and in the south bay, no problems at all at the 17 interchange. 101 is also looking good in the north bay so you see traffic
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flowing well southbound toward 580. it's pretty good all the way around the bay area. >> it's 3:40. >> still ahead, elite group of stanford students will be joining. >> and impact of tuition hikes. >> and peninsula police officer gave his life into the line of duty. now family and friends find themselves in a fight of a flight to hawaii using our points from chase sapphire. last minute... on christmas. and sitting next to us, chevy chase. and we really hit it off. we play golf, and then the luau. he's like da vinci with ice. and after, we help hang christmas decorations. wait, wait, wait. you flew last minute... on christmas... with points from chase sapphire? yeah. amazing. believe it. with points from chase sapphire, you can book airline tickets with no blackout dates or restrictions.
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good morning, 4:42, holiday lights are up already and the buildings off the embarcadero. we can tell you there is widely scattered showers out there, a little bit of raindrops i encountered on my way to caldecott tunnel.
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frances will tell us more. >> the university of california says there is new evidence to support claims that higher tuition is making students drop out of schools on transfer. they say officials looked at dropout rates and they are finding no difference from previous years. dropout rates remain stable over the last decade of students of all income levels. big rally is expected in east palo alto tonight where the planning commission is set to side zie to build a sports complex in honor of a police officer killed in the line of duty. 38-year-old officer rich may was killed in january 2006. he was responding to a fight on university avenue where he was fatally shot. they have raised $3 million to build and maintain a sports complex for youngsters but
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planning commissioners are concerned how traffic in and out of the complex would be handled. an fort has a new roads scholar. one of 32 students selected to study in ox forward. they are majoring in international relations and chair of the undergraduate senate and captain of an indian dance deem. he will receive a $50,000 scholarship to study in england. >> physics and international relations and not as objective and subjective as you can get. coming up a northern californian father demands answers from the military about his son's death. >> and iran sets a new trial date for three u.c. berkeley
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students. >> and many food banks may have to turn away thousands of families in need. >> and this could be a huge hey, you got groceries! yeah! i thought we'd eat at home. save some money. $200 bucks? that's not saving! [jacks voice] at my place i'm bringing back the bonus jack. two patties, melting cheese and my secret sauce plus fries and a drink for only $3.99. i get it. you can eat lot cheaper atouar placthan y c]caat home. but do have this? i have dessert. what about this? ohhh. ohhhhhh. jack. that's for max.
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4:47. the highs in great falls, three below zero, 28 in minneapolis but chicago is 56. we'll talk about a sharp cold front right there. it's a very active front and it is pretty quiet but you can see the snow heading to minneapolis and chicago and eventually boston. it's 4:47 right now. iran has set a new trial date for the u.c. berkeley grads charged with spying. the trial for the three will
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begin on february 6th the it was supposed to start earlier this month but iranian authorities postponed it. sarah shourd was released on bail because of medical condition, she has not said whether she plans to return to iran. they were arrested almost a year and a half ago while hiking. shourd revealed an iranian guard lured them into crossing into iran. a father of a soldier that was killed in afghanistan is demanding how his son really died. he died november in kandahar. the body was found inside of an suv and died of a single shot to the head inside the security fences. military officials will only say it was a non-combat related death. san francisco is watching the winter shelter program in time for the cold snap.
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a church provided a warm place for 65 men to sleep and get a hot meal. up to hundred people can stay at shelter for a week at a time. they provide two meals a day for the residents. >> when it rained all evening, being warm and safe and having a good meal. so it really makes a difference. >> the winter shelter program is a collaboration between 35 different church groups and the city's human services agency. >> authorities in san mateo county say they are seeing a slump in contributions despite the ichb creasing need. san mateo times reports the second harvest food bank has collected less than $1.5 million well short of the holiday fund-raising goal of $11 million. second harvest is a primary distributor of donated food to more than 300 agencies.
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they have enough food for thanksgiving but they want to sustain those agencies so they can help out. it is just about 4:50, it was a washer over the weekend. >> when i was out saturday night it was flooded around my area. >> it was nice. >> it only happens five times a year when we get thunderstorm days. i even saw some pea-sized hail. reminded me of strange storms back in the midwest and in the south. we're looking down from mount tamalpais, pretty breezy and pushing showers from southwest -- i should say northwest to southeast. let's talk about temperatures and how to stay dry but to stay warm. 50 in antioch. sea in oakland. rest of us in the 40s until you get to los gatos, around 39
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degrees. around the monterey bay and inland, scattering of showers and clouds even with the almost full moon at temperatures in the low to mid 40s. highlights, very interesting weather pattern off and on showers that will continue through tomorrow. the coldest lows after that could be thursday and friday morning. that is what we're going to watch for, some frost, a little bit too far out but something to keep back in your mind. thursday, friday and saturday, what i mean by warmer than this, not going to get hot. mid to upper 50s in most neighborhoods today. clearlake, ukiah in the upper 40s, scattered nature of the showers. at any time. warltdz could open up, it could be very light. around the monterey bay and inland, temperatures in the mid-50s and sunshine and scattered showers. around the state, winter weather advisory up in tahoe where snow is still falling. 29 degrees, winter storm watch
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for tomorrow. so looks like another wave, cold front is going to ri brir us rain and bring them more snow tonight and tomorrow also. heading down to southern catholic, warmest as it gets across the state. up peaks in the intensity of the showers. most of us in the low to mid 40s. and then cloverdale around 39 and again tonight we could have gusting on mount st. helen and possibly on mount hamilton. scattered showers and then watch as the cold front comes down tonight through tomorrow morning once it passes, that is it. once we get to tuesday afternoon it looks like we'll have high pressure coming back in and we'll see a lot more sunshine wednesday and thursday and friday afternoon. and scattered showers over the weekend but that is ways away.
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here is frances. >> it's pretty quiet. i hope it stays that way all week. so far no delays at bay bridge toll plaza. golden gate bridge, also a nice drive at this point heading into san francisco. now, a lot of folks heading up to tahoe for the thanksgiving weekend and you will need chains. here is a live shot of highway 50 at myers. you'll also need them on interstate 80 and parts of 880 closed out to kirkwood. mass transit good way to go. i can always find out what is going on for your commute by going to our website at some south bay smoke shops
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are joining forces today to oppose the latest attempt at track down on tobacco sales in san mateo county. they plan to hold a rally from 2:00 to 7:00 where they will explain their opposition to ordinance that will limit sale of tobacco products. they will have to pay an annual licensing fee. supervisors are set to vote on the ordinance tomorrow. >> also tomorrow, santa cruz city council will -- to take a tobacco licensing fee. the money would be used to fight programs to fight underage cigarette sales. the city of san jose had a similar ordinance last week. >> they made a test of embryonic stem cells. >> they will make research that makes a vision loss.
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12 patients will be treated with healthy cells created from embryonic stem cells. menlo park biotech firm given to treat spinal cord injuries from embryonic stem cells was beginning. >> and e-books is expected to out pace traditional books. in a drive to discover report, richard hart this could be a biggest holiday. >> andrew reads his newspapers and books on his phone. he is part of a movement that is surprising the most optimistic sellers of electronic books. >> e-books out sell the regular books by ten to one. we're seeing an extraordinary shift for digital and mobile consumption. >> his company o'reilly books is a large publisher known for its
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iconic animal covers. their entire libraries will be converted to the e-format popularized by the ipad. there are 9 million reading devices in the united states, by the end of the year, there will be 10.3 million. that number will swell to 120 million within four years. that is two for every five of us. half of all reading will be done without paper. one fifth of the devices will be dedicated readers not general purpose tablets like the ipad. one in five of those who own a kendall received it as a gift. 10% of adults plan to give an e-reader this year. only 4% did so last year. book publishers, revenue made up 1% of book sales, this season, they are 10%. e-book revenues exploded from 105 million to 2009 to 305
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million so far this year. this week the "new york times" announced a new best-seller list devoted to e-books. with the next step in reading, richard hart, "abc 7 news". >> i like the book markers, it gives me a sense of accomplishment. >> i like dog eastward books, i like that. >> and they are urging victims in the south bay to come forward. >> and live at the airport. controversy over the pat-downs. some say they are very intrusive. kkkkkkkkkk
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